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8 Year Bourbon

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Here at Western Reserve Distillers we believe that truly exceptional bourbon takes time. Time to grow, time to change...

Upon deciding to open a craft distillery, we did LOADS of research. And learning that bourbons and whiskies are on the rise in popularity we decided to search out the best of the best in those categories. We tasted, and we tasted, and we tasted some more. Until we came across KOVAL Distillery in Chicago. We were amazed at how smooth and well-balanced their whiskies were so we reached out to KOVAL. We took classes from them and learned the craft of distilling and recipe development. Our first batches of bourbon and whiskey we created at KOVAL’s distillery on the same equipment that we ultimately ended up purchasing.

Alas, we didn’t make enough. We released our 4 year bourbon, wheat whiskey and rye whiskey in late 2018 and we have nearly depleted our inventory. So we were off on another “hunting mission”. This time, we searched ad searched for bourbon recipes that were nearly identical to ours but with more age. And we found a few! With the help of distilleries in Tennessee and Kentucky, we found 8 year bourbon that remains true to our high standards.

Each barrel is hand selected by us for harvest, once they’ve had time to rest in newly charred American White Oak barrels. Our minimum age statement is 8 years but in fact the majority of the barrels are in the 10-12 year range. On the nose you might pick up hints of cedar and dark cherry while on the palette you may notice apricot and fig with just a hint of dark chocolate. This is a smooth and well-balanced bourbon for being 86 Proof (43ABV).

We thank you in advance for your purchase and encourage you to pour some (with or without rocks) today! You’ll be glad you did!


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