Barrel Program



At Western Reserve Distillers we offer two very different barrel programs. Our Signature Barrel Program (SBP) and our Distillers Select Barrel Program (DSBP). 

Our (SBP) is a truly unique experience designed for the whiskey or rum lover. We offer you the chance to experience the absolute joy of making your very own barrel of handcrafted whiskey or rum. Every barrel we make has it's own story and we invite you to join us in creating your very own story on the next barrel we make. 

With our (SBP) you will do more than just select your barrel of product. You will be involved in all phases of organic whiskey or rum development. Your journey begins with mash bill development and will include all phases of the production process through to barrel selection and aging. You will have three different choices in barrel size: 15 gallon, 30 gallon, and 54 gallon. If you are more than just the average whiskey or rum lover, then this program is for you!

Our (DSBP) allows you to personally select from our inventory of pre-aged organic whiskey and rum. Because each barrel matures at it's own rate, they develop a character of their very own. You will taste from a selection of barrels and then we will bottle your very own hand selected barrel complete with customized labels. 

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