Custom Spirits


Are you a new distilled spirit's brand looking to enhance or expand your product line? Or are you an establish distilled spirits brand looking to try your hand in the craft organic spirits market?  Either way, we can help.



Deploying a 6000 liter stainless steel Kothe mashing system, we are able to handle a wide range of grains and fermentable liquids.  Heating is accomplished through the careful use of low pressure sanitary steam and cooling is accomplished with a state of the art chilled water system.    

Time and temperature are carefully controlled and recorded through all phases of the mashing process.  This ensures your results can be produced time and time again. 


Fermentation is carried out in 3000 liter stainless steel fermentation tanks.  All tanks are equipped with temperature monitoring and automated chilled water control.  Careful attention has been taken to allow for the measurement, control and recording of the fermentation process. 


To maximize efficiency and flexibility we leverage a 3000 liter Kothe hybrid pot still.  Driven by steam and equipped with 24 bubble plates, 2 pre condensers and a full length final condenser, we can go from mash to vodka in a single pass.  If big bold whiskey is your thing, we can bypass the rectification towers and go strait from the pot to the final condenser to deliver all the flavor and spirit character you desire.

We have also deployed the latest in process control software and instrumentation to capture all of the key distillation times, temperatures and flow rates to ensure your recipe can be refined to perfection or captured and produced time and time again, just the way you love it! 

Barrel Aging:

All of our barrel aging is accomplished on site.  Unlike most aging facilities we have taken three very important extra steps.  First, we have installed a high density sprinkler system to protect your carefully crafted spirits from any unfortunate accidents.  Second, we have installed temperature control to help reduce the dormant aging periods encountered in the winter.  Third, our aging facilities, like our distillery are all certified organic.